Purchased A Five piece set from the Room Place on 4/24/2012. In September I noticed that the seams were coming loose on the ottoman and the chaise portions, but not on the couch portion.

Filed a claim through the appropriate channels and after two months the two defective (their words at the time) pieces were replaced. A month later, Mid-November, I noticed that once again the seams were starting to come loose and show through. I called to file a claim right after the Thanksgiving holiday and a service technician came out on Dec. 19 to look at it.

After looking at it for all of 30 seconds and snapping a few photos with his phone (blocking the light) he was finished. Same problem only this time he deemed normal wear and tear but he will submit my claim anyway. January 14 and I still haven't heard from them (previously they got back to me promptly, but due to the holiday I gave them some time to get back to me) so I gave them a call to find that my claim is closed (no one called me) and that it is in fact classified as "Normal wear and tear". I've explained to them that this was replaced in the past and that the issue is with the part of the couch that has less than 2 months of use, while the part with 9 months of use looks fine.

In fact the new chaise looks worse after 2 months than the last one did after 6 months. I would have been better off with the old chaise.

It clearly states in the warranty paperwork "Seam stitching that has come loose on upholstered furniture" and that is exactly what this is. But they fail to honor it in any way.

As it stands I have a couch where part of it looks pin-stripped but not all of it.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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