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In September of 2010, we bought $3000 worth of furniture. A bedroom Dresser/Mirror, A matching Chest and a sectional and coctail ottomen. We purchased the exteneded warranty for all items

With in the first 30 days, a cushion on the sofa had its threads tearing out. I called, the room place, they came out, looked then replaced. about 6 months later, the back of the sofa started tearing, where my husband rests his heavy arm. I called the Room Place, they came out, then replaced. Both times, I was under the impression, this was done under my extended warranty. In on October 1, 2011, I had to have emergency major surgery, and my husband was out of town for work. When I came home from the hospital on 10/11, I found the back of my couch ripped and the back cushion torn down the center. Now, I called the Room place who sent out a tech, who took pics and that was it. two weeks later I called to see what was happening, I was told that I had to go through the waranty company Guardian; something I knew nothing about. The room place gave me the information for Guardian and I phoned and was told they would not cover the claim as it was a manufactuer issue. The sales man never gave me any information on the warranty, such as exclussions, limitations or even a stinking name of the company. Now, I have been fighing with the room place and the Guardian, becasue 1, I was not given any information at the time of purchase other than the extended warranty covered everything, by the sales man; and 2 because at the time I made the initial call, I was still under the influence of heavy medication and anesthesia affects. i was essentially temporarily disabled, but knew I had to notify who every of the damage.

Turns out that during my time in the hospital, my 19 year old son was staying at my house taking care of my dogs and when my 80 pound lab seen a stranger in the yard, he jumped up into the window, on the back of the couch, and his nail tore the back, and when my son pulled him from the window, the dogs claw ripped the entire back of the sofa and down to the cushion. My son did not tell me while I was in the hospital so not to upset me and he was not at my house when I came home.

Now I am stuck with a ripped up $1800 sectional, out the money I paid for the extended warranty and punished for having been disabled. you would think that the room place would at least step up and replace the furniture since their salesman failed to give ne any information on the limitaions and exclussions of the warranty. So basically, their sales people lie and manipulate you into buying bs warranties and then they *** by not giving you all the information.

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Wellsville, Utah, United States #377209

Hi Jacqueline,

It was a pleasure speaking with you earlier Tuesday. This is Jasmine, VP of Customer Loyalty at the RoomPlace and I wanted to personally apologize once again if The RoomPlace did not meet your expectations. Please know that we truly value and appreciate your business and are grateful for the feedback provided.

At time of purchase, the store provides a sales receipt, which lists items and extended warranty purchases (if any) along with the Certificate of coverage and exclusions. I will put a copy in the mail to you pertaining to your specific purchase.

I have reviewed the transaction history of your specific account and spoke to our representatives regarding the steps taken to satisfy your concerns. It is our intention to stand behind the merchandise we sell and rectify any problem regarding defective merchandise through a variety of measures in hopes that this will earn your loyalty.

As indicated in your post, we have on 2 separate occasions acted in good faith and replaced the items in question during the last 13 months (regardless of cause) which I believe validates our commitment to you as our Customer.

Occasionally despite the best intentions of our team and our Customers willingness to proceed in good faith we find ourselves unable to satisfy the request. In those rare cases, we will look for additional option in favorably resolving the concerns. Although we are unable to deliver you new merchandise to replace the damage pieces (which are not covered under warranty) we are most defiantly willing to assist with your concerns as per my personal commitment to you.

I look forward to working with you in the future and trust that our offer of assistance will be satisfactory.

Respectfully yours,



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