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I purchased three bedroom sets a living room set and kithen set all which has peeled scratched and looks like crab 1 year later I purchased warrentys also but guess what only good for one year misses it by days and they are so rude when you call customer service and that's after being on hold for 40 mins hopefully word of month will take this horrible company down cause they are nothing but scam artist Also customer service wouldt even connect me to a my kind of management I'm going to report this to bbb also I would think for spending 6500 I would get a some kind of better treatment and any one who reads this pass on this info anyone who avoids the room place will be thankful !

Monetary Loss: $6500.

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I Purchased a white leather sofa and months after it started to peel. I've called and they tell me only if it is ripped will they repair it.

Won't be buying anything from them again. What is that lift time insurance good for anyway?


yep, that sounds about right. There stuff looks great, but is junk.

I bought a living room and dining room set. Whenever I sit on the dining room chairs I can feel the nails popping out.

Once they get your money, there is no customer service even the saleslady became rude. Also the delivery guys got my house all full of mud & it wasn't tracked from my driveway.

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