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Where do I begin. I bought my living room furniture and 3 bedroom sets from the room place.2 of the bedroom sets were for kids, one who just turned 2 and the other who just turned 4.

What *** me off the most is that I woke my 2 year old up from her nap yesterday to find she had a bolt from her bed in her mouth. I searched her whole room for the washer and the nut that went with the bolt. I couldn't find them. I checked the other bolts and they were all on and very secure!

You even need a special tool to get them off.There was no way in the world she could have taken that bolt off!! They never even put the washer or bolt on!!! They just sat that bolt in the hole!!!! So negligent!!!!!!

My baby could have choked and died!!!!My bedroom set must have had a broken leg when it was assembled because I noticed later that night it was split and turned sideways. When they sent someone out to replace it the guy said the bed wasn't even put together right and he had to order the pieces and come back out to put it together right. My 4 year olds bedroom set which was the white bunkbeds with the desk was missing paint (even thought they say the pieces are inspected 4 times before they leave the warehous). That wasn't a big deal to me though I just bought paint and painted it myself.

The living room furniture didn't have anything wrong with it at first, but we have had it less then a year and I keep getting poked by nails coming loose from underneath. I called the room place to complain about my 2 year olds bed because that is a major problem! I asked for the manager and was told the girl needed my info first to see if anybody would take my call. I was put on hold for awhile only to be told that no one was there, she would foward my info and I will recieve a call back in 24-48 hours!!

I will never shop there again.

I am willing to bet I won't even get a call back!

Review about: The Room Place Furniture Set.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Comcast is way better than the room place. At least they reimburse you when their service fails!


I did recieve a call back about the issue. The lady I talked to was very nice and understanding.

Atleast their customer service is a million times better than comcast, and they return calls when they say they will. I am just very thankful my daughter didn't swallow the bolt and they can use this as a lesson to better train their staff.

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